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UWB indoor tracking RTLS kit

IntraPosition's RTLS UWB Kit is easy to install and allows seamless site set up to track assets indoors. 

In the kit, you will find all you need to set up precise wireless indoor tracking of an area of up to 900 m2 within one hour.  Our installation guide will help you to streamline the process.

The RTLS UWB Kit consists of hardware components, based on a UWB (Ultra-Wideband) Decawave module, and a username and password for the cloud-based services. 


Coverage area of 900m2 


Wireless tag with battery life of up to five years


Wireless UWB anchor


Easy set up and configuration with username and password

Kit details

The RTLS kit is a ready-to-use The kit includes preconfigured hardware components and a username and password for the cloud-based software.

Kit Components
  • 5 wireless anchors

  • 4 tags

  • 1 Raspberry Pi

  • Wires

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