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Empowering Staff Safety with Our Duress Solution

At IntraPosition, we prioritize the safety and well-being of healthcare staff, recognizing their critical role in providing quality patient care. Our Staff Duress solution is designed to provide peace of mind and immediate assistance to staff members in times of emergency or distress.

Ensuring staff safety is a top priority in any hospital setting. By recognizing and responding to staff in need, hospitals can help prevent serious harm, improve outcomes, and create a safer and more supportive environment for caregivers.

Designed to empower staff safety, IntraPosition's Staff Safety system enables every staff member to activate a local alarm when needed. With precise location indication, security can respond quickly and efficiently.


Keep Your Staff Safe With Real-Time Location Control

Wearable Devices for Staff Members

Our staff members are equipped with wearable duress devices, such as badges or wristbands, that are easily accessible and discreet to use.

Real-Time Location Tracking

 Upon activation of the duress device, the system instantly pinpoints the location of the staff member in distress, enabling responders to provide assistance quickly and efficiently.

Integration with Commincation System

Our Staff Duress solution seamlessly integrates with existing communication systems, such as nurse call systems or security consoles, to ensure that alerts are promptly received and acted upon by designated responders.

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