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Why Choose IntraPosition as your RTLS provider?

IntraPosition brings the new generation of Real-Time Location Systems to the healthcare sector. IntraPosition's robust and flexible system, as well as its unique technology and deployment approach, is the right enterprise solution for you.

IntraPosition offers a comprehensive RTLS solution that outperforms competitors in three critical areas.

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One Tech Fits All

Simplified Solutions for Complex Needs.

With IntraPosition technology, you can cover all location-based applications. No need to aggregate multiple technologies for different use cases.  IntraPosition’s flexible system can offer different resolution levels.

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The Affordable Solution

Cost Savings That Impact Your Bottom Line

A fraction of the cost compared to legacy solutions. SaaS model. Free infrastructure.

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Ease of Deployment

Seamless Deployment and Unmatched Precision

IntraPosition can offer different resolution levels. From room-level separation and up to 1 ft accuracy.


IntraPosition unique deployment requires only sparse infrastructure, and is easy to deploy.

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