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Management & Control System for Emergency Department

IntraPosition Introduces Cutting-Edge Technology to Simplify Onboarding. Our MCS Solution offers centralized management, providing real-time bed status visibility for hospital staff in the ED

Empowering Emergency Response. Optimizing Healthcare Management for Critical Needs

In times of critical medical need, efficient and effective management is paramount. Our state-of-the-art system is designed to streamline operations, enhance patient care, and ensure the smooth functioning of the Emergency Department, enabling healthcare professionals to respond swiftly to emergencies with precision and compassion.

A centralized management system is essential to provide the team with the necessary visibility and to assist caregivers in prioritizing their tasks more effectively

  • Patient care is optimized

  • Resources are allocated efficiently

  • Critical information is accessible in real-time

  • Data analytics drive informed decision-making

  • Workflows are streamlined for increased productivity


Improve Operations With a Touch

  • Each room is equipped with a tablet. As staff members clean the room and restock missing supplies, they update the room's status, providing real-time updates throughout the system.

  • When beds or rooms require service, the system notifies the relevant staff members and keeps the notification open until the service is completed.

  • The dashboard is web-based and can be securely accessed from any desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

  • The system logs all activity, making it available for later analysis. For example, ED management can track the average time it takes for a bed to be prepared for a new patient after the previous one was released.

The system automates operational coordination for staff, patients, and inventory

  • Analytics - Bird-eye view of the ED - number of admissions, discharges, etc. 

  • Bed Status – The dashboard displays color-coded status levels, allowing admissions staff to see bed and room availability at a glance.

  • Task management – This dashboard section explains why a vacant bed is unavailable. The lists indicate whether the room has been cleaned and if the room is properly stocked. 


Solution Benefits

ENHANCED PATIENT CARE: Real-time Updates On Room Availability And Cleanliness Ensure That Patients Are Promptly Placed In Suitable Settings, Improving Their Overall Experience.

IMPROVED RESOURCE MANAGEMENT: Staff Members Can Focus Their Efforts On Areas That Need Attention, Leading To Better Resource Utilization.

STREAMLINED OPERATIONS: The System's Automation Streamlines Administrative Tasks, Allowing Healthcare Professionals To Prioritize Patient Care.

ENHANCED COMMUNICATION AND COORDINATION:  Real-time Notifications Ensure That Relevant Staff Members Are Promptly Informed About Room Service Requirements Or Other Urgent Matters.

DATA-DRIVEN DECISION MAKING: Comprehensive Activity Logs Enable Hospital Management To Analyze Performance Metrics, Such As Room Turnover Times.

DATA-DRIVEN DECISION MAKING: Efficient Resource Allocation And Reduced Waste Contribute To Cost Savings For The Hospital.

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