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Crash Cart Management

Efficiency, Safety, and Peace of Mind

Introducing our crash cart management solution – a paperless solution designed to streamline daily and monthly audits.


Say goodbye to cumbersome paperwork and hello to efficiency as our solution revolutionizes the way you manage crash carts. With intuitive digital tools, you can effortlessly track inventory, ensure compliance, and maintain readiness. 

  • Crash carts are a critical component of healthcare facilities, providing essential life-saving equipment during emergencies.

  • Smaller hospitals may experience one or two Code Blue events per month, while larger facilities may have multiple events daily

  • An organized crash cart could be the deciding factor in a life-or-death situation

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Key features

  • SIMPLE ACCESS -  Scan the crash cart's QR code for instant access to relevant audit

  • AUTOMATIC REMINDERS - Receive automatic reminders for audits, including notifications for missed deadlines, and alerts for managers

  • SIMPLE PROCESS - Streamlined process: Online audit forms with all necessary s and documentation

  • RECORDS - Each audit is logged with team member details, including name, department, date, and time

  • REPORTS - Access and filter audit reports by relevant criteria​

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