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Streamlining Operations in Healthcare Using Best-in-Class Positioning Tech

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Meir Medical Center

Discover how IntraPosition's Asset Tracking solution empowered Meir Medical Center to establish an efficient and seamless asset management process, resulting in significant time and cost savings


Ultra-WideBand (UWB)

Unlike legacy localization technologies such as WiFi and Bluetooth, which rely on signal strength to evaluate the distance between a transmitter and a receiver, UWB measures the time-of-flight of electromagnetic signals, similar to GPS. Turning your back on a Bluetooth beacon is often interpreted by a legacy system as if you walked 10 meters away from it but will have no effect on the time of flight measurement.

System Components

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UWB Tags

Advanced Ultra-Wideband Tag options include small active asset tags, patient/staff tags with configurable buttons for durres/ notifications, and infant tags. All tags are active and communicate using UWB technology

UWB Anchors

UWB receivers, anchos. IntraPosition, with its unique deployment, uses 65% less infrastructure. No need to install anchors in patient rooms. 

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