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End-to-End solution From Hardware to User Interface

Cloud Based

Highly Scalable

1-ft Accuracy

Easy integration via RESTful API

Position as a service 

Low cost of ownership

Quick & Simple Installation


Founded in early 2015, IntraPosition develops high-accuracy, robust, indoor-positioning systems for real-world, obstacle abundant environments.


With a unique fusion of indoor-positioning and IoT technologies, we digitize the physical world.


We develop the entire system, end-to-end, from hardware to User Interface.


We offer optimization for industries actively seeking to reduce costs and improve efficiency and safety.


IntraPosition’s innovative technology brings high accuracy indoor- positioning into the retail, healthcare and industry markets, enabling indoor-navigation, asset-tracking and workforce management. ​


IntraPosition’s real-time unique system provides the ultimate indoor positioning and indoor navigation experience with top-of-the- line performances. 


Utilizing real-time, 1-ft accuracy indoor positioning, we pinpoint the location of every object or person of interest. With a combination of high performance and affordable pricing, we hit the sweet spot of numerous applications and markets.


Our systems are highly scalable and easy to deploy with quick & simple installation. Our solutions easily integrate with any external application of choice, via a RESTful API.

Meet the IntraPosition Team



Founder and CEO

M.Sc. in Physics. Yaron has extensive experience in multidisciplinary development and product adjustments to market need.

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VP Business Development

B.Sc in Electrical Engineering. Maayan brings vast experience as a BizDev manager, in opening new markets, working with VARs, and creating partnerships.


Dr. Astorre Modena

Investor BM

PhD in physics and Post-doc. Astorre is a multicultural specialist with over 15 years in VC, managing more than $260M and consulting to leading companies.

Our Partners

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