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Inside the supermarket

We are experts in in-store positioning and navigation.

As more and more brick-and-mortar stores develop eCommerce operations; they struggle with excessive order-fulfillment costs. Our technology optimizes order picking and help grocers to save money. In addition, we offer to grocery stores, in-store shoppers navigation on one hand, and a location based, personalized marketing platform, on the other hand. As we track the position of every shopping cart in store, we provide a wealth of shopper analytics as well as store management tools for the store and chain managers.

Selling and buying at the supermarket

Simple integration with our proprietary, 1-ft accuracy, indoor-positioning system, enables shopper-marketing apps to offer in-store location-based services and enhance shoppers’ experience in brick-and-mortar stores and thus help grocers and CPG manufacturers boost their bottom line.

Our technology provides the shoppers with step-by-step navigation in store and enables the retailer to address shoppers with personalized messages on the shelf-level, just when it matters most.

For on-line shopping fulfillment operation, integrating our positioning services with retailer’s in-store picking app, helps cut picking time by as much as 30% and helps to save $2-$3 per online order. Store associates get GPS-like navigation to pick all products in the most efficient way.

Our IoT system, with its high-resolution positioning capabilities, provides valuable insights on shopper behaviour in store, such as routes, heat-maps, queue management, campaign effectiveness measurement and products shelving recommendations.

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