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IntraPosition RTLS

IntraPosition real-time location system is an end-to-end solution based on UWB. IntraPosition provides a variety of location-based services to the healthcare, industrial and retail sectors.

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IntraPosition real-time location system Benefits

UWB technology

One tech fits all. The most advanced indoor technology. UWB technology delivers accurate ranging and positioning in challenging real-world environments


Plug and play - quick deployment in the most complex environment. No need to stretch wires, the anchors require only a low voltage power supply


Maximum results in minimum budget. Our unique pricing model, positioning as a service, allows us to offer attractive pricing for your project

Differential accuracy

From room level separation and up to 1-ft accuracy. Save money and use only the needed accuracy


Built for scale. We took the complexity out of the hardware and into the software running in the cloud

End-to-end solution

From hardware to server and user interface. IntraPosition provides the entire suite of services in one place. Easy to adjust, easy to scale

IntraPosition UWB RTLS Hardware

IntraPosition's hardware includes Tags and Anchors.  

The Tags are active and can be hooked to any asset or individual easily. The tags are small electronic devices, durable and water-proof. 

IntraPosition's Anchors are wireless and require low voltage DC wiring. The anchors usually installed onto the site ceiling. The anchors receive UWB positioning signals from tags

Covering a site with an asset tracking system requires the installation of a set of anchors above the area to create the location infrastructure.


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