Is the system and its installation complicated?

Our systems are highly scalable and easy to deploy with overnight installation.

Can the system integrates with additional applications?

Our RESTful API allows us to easily integrate with any third-party application.

What accuracy can be reached using the system?

Utilizing real-time indoor positioning technology, we pinpoint the location of every object or person of interest within 1-ft accuracy.

What types of services does the company offer?

We provide step-by-step navigation, real-time indoor localization and analytics.

What technology does the system based on?

Ultra-Wideband (UWB) and Time Difference of Arrival (TDoA) implementation.

What are the system’s components?

Anchors- Stationary units, usually installed on the site ceiling, receives position signal from tag. Tags (hand tags and cart tags)- Portable attached to asset to be tracked, broadcast position signals periodically.

What sort of analytics can the company provide?

Live maps, traffic maps, dwell-time maps, distance, time, speed and more.

Whom is the system suitable for?

We offer optimization for industries actively seeking to reduce costs and improve efficiency and safety.