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Inside the Industry

Many companies face challenges in locating different assets. Monitoring can be time consuming, inefficient, expensive, and require an extensive use of manpower, which leads to an ineffective product cycle and lack of control over workers.

IntraPosition’s tracking product enables immediate identification of the location of specific assets, such as people, equipment and machinery. The locating system is fully accessible and customized according to the nature of the need to locate and follow-up.

industry workers

There is a wide range of industries that can increase efficiency using our product, including logistics warehousing, automotive, fleet management, military, industrial automation, aerospace, and locomotives.

Our product is valuable to clients who work in large operation spaces and need to locate a large amount of assets quickly. It provides significant time-saving in asset detection.

Our technology also helps to monitor product-life cycle and supply chain control. Managers will have full authority over the supervision of the flow of goods and services.

We provide the option to create "off-limit" (geofencing) areas where unauthorized employees are not allowed to enter, enabling software to trigger a response when a worker enters or leaves a specific area.

We believe that workforce safety is a serious business. Our vision is to integrate a culture of safety at work in order to reduce work accidents.

Our product provides security to employees and management using our detection and supervision system that provides a status for each employee at any given moment. Our technology maintains employee safety, provides a fast response to workplace hazards, and helps quickly find people in emergency situations.


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