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Using RTLS ( Real Time Location System) in sports is a real game changer for both the coaching staff and fans all around the world.

For many years, gathering quantitative information on players has been a big riddle for coaching teams around the world.


Today, thanks to the evolution of technology, monitoring the players and analyzing their performances has never been easier.

The use of Indoor positioning technology is suitable for a wide range of sports including hockey, basketball, squash, tennis, indoor soccer, volleyball and more.


With UWB (Ultra-wideband) you can now get a precise image of players’ location on field in real-time and increase fan engagement. Attracting more viewers can be done by providing better viewer experience in offering real-time data on athletes.

The key is to be able to track high-speed movement in all times. Movement data is collected by the anchors generating players analysis: distance, speed and acceleration. The purpose of gathering information is to improve the players' skills on the field.

Now, the professional coaching staff is given the opportunity to improve achievements and draw conclusions based on player performance utilizing data and advanced analytics.


RTLS in sports is not just a matter of professional players. The use of the system is suitable for anyone wishing to monitor sports activity. The technology makes it possible to track trainees in individual sports as well as the dynamics of a team in group sports.


With on-body tag placement, our solution is scalable and suitable for tracking dynamic athletic activities in an indoor environment. Our 1-ft accuracy system enables continuous monitoring with top-of-the-line performance.


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