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Inside the hospital

Health cares face many challenges in controlling and managing patients, staff and inventory.
IntraPosition offers wide coverage at minimum cost utilizing RTLS and enabling cost savings, higher efficiency and 
better care.

Our digital health product is a system for monitoring the location of patients, medical devices, and the medical team in hospitals or healthcare clinics.

Nurse And Patient In Waiting Room

Our system helps to locate critical equipment and ensure it is properly maintained. Our RTLS provides visibility to where and how each asset is being used, enabling optimize asset workflow and management.

The system gives hospitals visibility as to the location of their workforce and patients, making it possible to analyse room usage for better building management and increased operational efficiency.

Getting around in hospitals can be a big problem. With step-by-step indoor navigation it is now simple and quick to navigate through extensive areas, and easy to orientate in unfamiliar spaces.

One of the challenges for staff in mental institutions is the need to monitor patients for their safety and health. Our system alleviates this pressure by providing the status of patients, patient identification, and emergency alerts such as patient drop or uncontrolled patient outflow. Our solution enables large savings in costs and resources, and lead to a significant improvement in the condition of patients and hospital caregivers.

The system also allows the patient's family to receive status updates regarding their family member. This feature is particularly helpful to ensure that families are informed, and hospital staff communication is streamlined.


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